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Sunday Showcase: Mattel Elite Shockmaster (2016 SDCC Exclusive)

This isn’t something that’s insanely rare or valuable, but it’s a fun little piece that stands out. Even if it was worth a lot, the box for mine is pretty dinged up so that would drive the value down. Anyways! A good friend who was going to San Diego Comic Con in 2016 was able to scoop me one of these up, and it’s been proudly displayed since!

The packaging for this friggin’ rules. I know it’s a figure made to capture an all time botch, but I love it so much, haha. Digging this out to grab pictures has lit a bit of a fire under me for a planned watch through of some classic WCW, where I’ll start at the launch of WCW Saturday Night in 1992 and go forward with all events until I lose steam. I would imagine I’ll make it through to see the iconic moment this figure captures.