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Sunday Showcase: CZW Once In A Lifetime Autographed Turnbuckle

This is one of those collection pieces that have become one that the eye is drawn to immediately simply due to it’s size. The thing ended up being MASSIVE by the time it ended up in my possession.

I came into this one thinking “Hey cool! An autographed turnbuckle pad! I could sneak that into a little display somewhere!”... yeahhhhh... this IS the display. Turnbuckle pads are not small, and only take up even more room by the time they’re framed with a certificate of authenticity. 

Since my teen years I’ve been a big fan of Combat Zone Wrestling, and even though they’ve been on a decline in terms of popularity and quality, possibly their biggest show ever happened a little over 3 years ago.

The show had a lot of great matches (including an INSANE match between Joey Janela and Lio Rush), but the big draw was Matt Tremont and Atsushi Onita finally squaring off. There’s some stories about why it happened, but regardless of what did or didn’t happen behind the scenes what we got was a pretty lack lustre six man tag which saw Team CZW (Danny HavocMatt Tremont & Rickey Shane Page) facing off against Team FMW (Atsushi OnitaHideki Hosaka & Raijin Yaguchi).

Anyways, after all was said and done they ended up selling off all twelve turnbuckles from the show - each signed by both Tremont and Onita. At the time I didn’t have the extra money, so I passed on it. A couple years later I grew to find out my buddy who only lives one province over had bought one of the twelve. He knew I was a big CZW fan, and said “if I’m ever looking to clear up space and sell it, you’ll be the first person I get in touch with”.

Not long after, sure enough, he wanted to sell it so I got it from him at a local show. As I stated earlier, the thing is huge. I remember coming through the door with it and my wife asking “what the hell is that!?!” just based on the sheer size of what I was carrying.

Anyways! Pictures!

An awesome piece for my CZW collection. I’ll always be thankful that my buddy Tweakedenigma (on Twitter) kept me in mind both to mention he a) had it and b) was willing to sell it. Who’d think with only 12 existing, one would only be one province over!?