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Rants & Rumours: New WWE Elite Series Packaging

Know what’s never been a problem for me? Buying figures in store or online and coming to find out they’re NOT an authentic WWE product. Know what is a problem for now? All the elites I want to keep in box as of series 81 now have this massive, hideous badge on the front of the box to ensure me it’s an authentic WWE product. For those who haven’t seen much of the newer stuff, this is what I’m talking about:

There’s no need to make it this big and ugly. We haven’t run into a scenario that it’s covering up too much in terms of accessories, but it’s close with Keith Lee. You can only see the top of the “BASK IN MY GLORY” from the back of his entrance hoodie vest.

Who asked for this? Who needed their figures marked as authentic WWE product? Who’s bootlegging WWE figures and what are the prices/quality like? Who at Mattel decided it needed to be bigger than the Elite Collection logo? Everything about this from an MOC collection standpoint sucks, although I’m sure those who buy loose figures aren’t at all bothered.

Anyways! That’s my rant! I hope they downsize this eye sore, or redesign/move it to a less in your face spot on the box.