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Rants & Rumours: A 2021 WCW REBOOT!?!!!


World Championship Wrestling is... BACK!?

Those are the large claims coming out of @WCW_2021 on Twitter.. but let me tell you pals, I AM FIRED UP FOR IT.

Information seems to be coming slowly, but here’s what we know so far:
  • This is absolutely 100% legit
  • It will feature new faces (seemingly from the independent scene) as well as old faces - perhaps some heavy hints with their header (seen above) that we could be seeing Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, Booker T, Big Sexy and STING!
  • They’ve already started recruiting Nitro Girls!
  • They already have a multi-media company on board for video production - a super legit company by the name of Skystorm.
  • Their first event (titled “GREED”) will be LIVE from Lake Mary, Florida on October 10, 2021.
  • The first show will be shown on YouTube, Twitter and Twitch
I know what you’re thinking! WWE & Vince McMahon own the rights to WCW! There’s no way this is happening! WRONG. That thought process is proven to be incorrect by the official press release seen below put out by WCW CEO Alexander Fox.

They have 50% of the original WCW! And some of the old PPV names! Vince is into it! How can you not trust a company who’s honest enough to keep the spell check markings in their official press releases!?

Okay.. I’m done, haha. This is obviously a load of crap, but a hilarious one. Even though we’re 24-48 hours in I appreciate their commitment to this. The press release made this too good to not make a post about it all. I can’t wait for them to milk this bit for a year, just for it to be some WWE 2K19 e-fed or something dumb (if anything at all). If there’s anymore “groundbreaking” developments worth a laugh I may do an update post, but I mainly wanted to post this as I feel like this is one of those things on Twitter where we’ll get our jokes off then forget it within a week. Maybe a couple years down the road I stumble onto this post, and have a good laugh at the memory of the 2021 WCW relaunch.

Original tweets from @WCW_2021: