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MAIL DAY! Rey Fenix (Unrivaled 2), Kevin Owens (Elite 80) & WALTER (Ringside Exclusive)

Gotta love an unexpected mail day! I didn’t expect to see these all show up until next week. 

Rey Fenix - Unrivaled 2:

This is awesome, but I just makes me want the other Pentagon Jr I ordered to show up sooner haha. I think they did a really good job on Fenix, but left a bit to be desired with it having no accessories or swappable head/hands. 

Kevin Owens - Elite Series 80:

This may be the most under the radar figure of 2020. This thing looks SO good. I’ve always found the scans on Owens figures to be a bit off, but this one is absolutely perfect.

WALTER (Ringside Exclusive Elite):

I was originally going to put this one in the loose collection, but once I saw the packaging and how he was posed I KNEW I needed to keep it boxed. To me this exclusive is another case of ringside returning to their old form. Stuff like this, funhouse Bray Wyatt, and Deadman’s Revenge are all soooo good. A big step up from the period we got nWo variants of a ton of guys, King of the Ring Bret Hart, ECW Matt Hardy, and Brian Kendrick anyways!

Solid mail day!