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Friend Of The Site: Kayfabe Collectibles

Most of the people I promote on here aren’t people doing it for profit, but instead people doing it out of the love for what they do. Looking at it closely, you may think “this dude just flips wrestling merch to make a buck”. Sure, that could be true, but selling wrestling merch is Joey living out his dream. I’ve known Joey (@JoeyShoots on Twitter, for those who don’t know) for a few years now, and watching him embark on the journey of launching Kayfabe Collectibles has been a joy to watch.

Joey ditched his old job and decided to just go for it early in 2020, and it seems like he’s done pretty well so far! He’s had to roll with the punches with the pandemic getting in his way for a lot of plans, but I think that’s only helped him with building his presence online.

He’s been traveling all over the US, popping up at random indies with his merch stand. He’s even got some endorsements from legends like ECW alumni, the “Manager of Champions”, Bill Alfonso! :

Whether you’re looking for something specific, or just have some cash to burn it’s worth checking his site and/or eBay store. If you find something you like and see it on both, buy it on his site instead of eBay! - eBay fees are brutal for sellers. Buying outside of eBay is often a big help to those trying to make a living a as an online retailer. 

Joey is one of the best out there, give him a look if you need some wrestling merch!