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RINGSIDE FEST! A Rundown Of Reveal + Opinions

Us figure collectors always get spoiled in the summer for SDCC, to the point it’s become the destination for figure reveals. That being said, I personally seem to forget about Ringside Fest every year. This year they had to change it up, like everything else in 2020, due to the ongoing pandemic. I’m not sure if they’re doing much other than reveals, but most years they do a panel and meet & greet / autograph sessions with a few WWE superstars. They’ve announced Liv Morgan & Keith Lee, but my guess is they’re just apart of the reveal panel. To my knowledge, there’s no kind of digital meet & greets like WWE has been doing over the last few months.

These are the reveals we saw today, keeping in mind that I do not care about basics at all... so pretty much just Elites and Ultimates.

How do these all fall for me? I’ll rank them in 4 different categories - already preordered, will preorder once it is up, may potentially pick up, skip

Already Pre-Ordered:
  • Ultimate Fiend
  • Ultimate Hogan
  • Elite Micheal P.S. Hayes
  • Elite Edge (Wrestlemania - Regular)
  • Elite King Corbin
  • Elite Keith Lee (Regular - Black)
  • Elite John Morrison

Will Pre-Order In Future:
  • Ultimate Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Ultimate Ric Flair
  • Elite Aleister Black
  • Elite Karrion Kross
  • Elite Undertaker (Boneyard)
  • Elite Shinsuke Nakamura (Chase - Black/Red)
  • Elite Angelo Dawkins
  • Elite Montez Ford
  • Elite Goldberg
  • Elite Ultimate Warrior (RSC Exclusive)
May Pick Up:
  • Elite 2-Pack HHH/Jeff Hardy
  • Elite Drew McIntyre
  • Elite Edge (Backlash - Chase)
  • Elite Sasha Banks
  • Elite Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
  • Elite Seth Rollins
  • Elite Umaga
  • Elite Bianca Belair
  • Elite Finn Balor
  • Elite Alexa Bliss
  • Elite Jerry “The King” Lawler
  • Elite Shawn Michaels 
  • Elite 2-Pack Roddy Piper/Mr. T
  • Elite Dusty Rhodes
  • Elite Zelina Vega
  • Elite Sheamus
  • Elite Liv Morgan 
  • Elite Adam Cole
  • Elite Shayna Baszler
  • Elite Stone Cold Steve Austin (Royal Rumble)
  • Elite Titus O’Neil
  • Elite Ultimate Warrior (Royal Rumble)
  • Elite Shinsuke Nakamura (Regular - Blue)
  • Elite Stunning Steve Austin
  • Elite Mae Young
  • Elite Keith Lee (Chase - Pink)
  • Elite Davey Boy Smith
  • Elite Edge (Wrestlemania)
  • Elite Chyna 
Not a bad day of reveals at all! Plenty to be excited about!