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Rants & Rumours: AEW Trading Cards?

I’ve decided to add something new to the site - a little category of posts I’ll call “Rants & Rumours”. This could be anything from me merely touching on some rumours that are out there, to ranting about something that ticks me off.

For entry number one I decided I’m going to touch on the (seemingly very realistic) rumour of AEW trading cards coming soon.

All of this is 100% based off of the below image found in THIS tweet:

Based on this, it looks like Upper Deck has the license for their cards. These may not directly say “Upper Deck” but the hologram from their authentic autograph stickers were pointed out to match other Upper Deck products in this post.

It would have been cool to see Panini scoop up the AEW license since Topps deal with WWE likely has some exclusivity to it, but Upper Deck isn’t bad either. The only thing that Upper Deck steadily releases these days that I’m aware of is hockey, which I don’t really collect. I’m not sure how much of the design falls on Upper Deck vs. AEW, but from show graphics, to posters, to figures I have enjoyed AEWs offerings from a design perspective. I hope that carries over to their cards. There’s something about trading cards and the combo of black and gold that just works.

Upper Deck, at least with hockey, seems to have good distribution in Canada. I’m hoping these will be A LOT easier to get than the figures, but time will tell. I think AEW trading cards have a lot of potential, especially with them tracking things like win/loss records that they can work into the details of the card.

Hopefully soon we get some kind of official announcement soon. If/when these come out I will definitely be buying some!

Original post from @WrestingCards: