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MAIL DAY! Some Single Cards Throughout The Week

I had a few cards show up this week, none of them really worth their own blog post, but I figured I would do a post and gather them all up!

Monday: Pat McAfee (Donruss 2016)

This card has no value at all, but I like Pat, and thought it was a fun cheap addition to the collection. So cheap. Cheap to the point I could throw the card in the garbage and still get my money’s worth out of the sleeve and the protector it shipped in. I got this card for 1 American cent (and actual realistic shipping costs) on eBay, so to say it didn’t cost much is an understatement.

Wednesday: Deivy Grullon (2020 Diamond Kings Dual Relic Auto)

With J.T. seemingly headed out of town it’s time to start investing in the future. I have no clue if the Phillies plan is to give the starting spot at C to Deivy, but he’s one of the few rookies that have been popping up in packs this year for Philadelphia. After getting this same card, but Bo Bichette, I realized I loved the design and decided to scoop this one up for cheap.

Thursday: Rhys Hoskins (2019 Topps Gold Label - Gold Frame Auto)

I can’t get enough of these gold frame autographs, especially the rookies. That gold crest is just too good. I needed to pick up a Rhys auto for the collection, so I couldn’t leave this sitting on eBay when I saw it.