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MAIL DAY! The Rock (Series 6 Ultimate - Amazon Exclusive) & Allen & Ginter 2009 Ryan Howard Relic Card

Today was another decent mail day! Not much in the way of quantity, but a couple fun things I had been waiting on!

The Rock (Ultimate Series 6 - Amazon Exclusive):

I’ve been up and down with this figure. When it was announced I was excited, then as protos and final photos came out I was undecided. Having it in hand, it’s a pretty good figure, but it’s one of my least favorite ultimates. Glad to have it though, gotta keep that ultimate collection at 100%!

Ryan Howard (Allen & Ginter 2009 Bat Relic Mini Card):

I think these are neat, and I got this one for a buck! I love how they frame the mini card within a window on a regular size card. There’s also a small window on it if you wanted to feel the texture of the bat relic which is kind of cool.