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MAIL DAY! A Couple Of Breaks From The Last Couple Weeks!

It’s gonna be a good couple weeks for mail days, as more than a few card related things are in transit. Today was the first arrival of many, and it was what I took away from these three breaks:

One item specifically stands out from these breaks: the Cole Kmet (/10) XR Auto from the Bears pulls. This may be the rarest/most valuable card I own now, so I’m stoked to finally have it in hand. I also, while seeking out some single cards grabbed the 2020 Allen & Ginter Bo Bichette, which showed up today as well!

Anyways, here’s some pictures of the gets!

Donruss Optic Baseball:

Topps Stadium Club 2020:

Panini Mosaic / Spectra / XR Football 2020:

Bo Bichette - 2020 Allen & Ginter (Base Card):

Bonus Packs!:
It’s looks like NikNak threw in some bonus 2019 packs since I didn’t have any big hits in his auctions! Nothing crazy, but the blue foil Brian Anderson is nice!

All around a pretty good mail day!