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MAIL DAY! / Box Breaks - WWE Topps Chrome 2020 - Ricochet

Decided to hit up something a little different a while ago! As you may have seen in some of my previous posts, I have a few WWE cards in my collection. I’ve seen a few pals post online about some stuff that came from some WWE Topps Chrome 2020 hobby boxes, so I figured I would look at some breaks. Obviously WWE is a bit different than most sports/card products - there aren’t teams. From what I’ve seen there are two different ways people do breaks for WWE cards - 1) they sell spots per wrestler or 2) they sell spots per letter (so you could select R and get R-Truth, Roman Reigns, Ricochet, etc.). 

The break that I hit up was selling spots per wrestler, so after looking at what I had and who I wanted in my collection I decided to lock in on Ricochet. I got the spot for $3.25 which is cheaper than you’d usually pay for a spot in a team break, but it makes sense as the odds at a hit are much lower with it being just the one person you’re looking to pull.

- B R E A K   D E T A I L S - 
WWE Topps Chrome 2020
Break Size:
8 Hobby Boxes 
YouTube video of break:

Ricochet pulls from break:

  • Base (x4)

  • Rainbow Base (x2) + Rainbow Image Variant (vs AJ Styles)

I hit pretty much nothing on this one, but considering the price to play along, I’m not too worried! I may hit one of these again!