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MAIL DAY! BCW Storage Boxes & Allen & Ginter Phillies Break

After doing some sorting on my cards last week, I realized that the supplies order I needed to do was far smaller than I expected it would be. I had a ton of extra top loaders that were being used for no apparent reason on some cards that really weren’t that special. I did, however, realize I needed some new storage boxes - I had a few 400 card boxes around, but I needed to grab a few 800 card boxes to store some of the random “whatever” base cards I was sitting on from various packs & blasters over the last few months. I did an order for 3 800 card boxes, so this is my new plan.

800 Card Boxes (3):
- Random MLB
- Random MLB
- Random NBA / NFL / WWE

400 Card Boxes (4):
- MLB: Phillies
- MLB: Blue Jays
- MLB: Rookie Cards
- NBA/NFL: Rookie Cards & Bears / Knicks & WWE Relics/Autos

We’ll see if that plan actually makes sense once I start organizing things, but I think it will!

I also had my cards from the Allen & Ginter break I did a couple weeks ago show up. I can’t say enough how much I love the art on this set, and I’m happy to add more Phillies A&G cards to the collection.

Bonus Cards (Used To Book-End The Stack Of Phillies Cards):

That’s it for today, but stay tuned as I think it’s going to be a fun week for mail!


Also, just cause I think it’s hilarious - Amazon overshoots the mark so badly sometimes on their packaging. I was at a point that I thought I ordered the wrong size card boxes. They legitimately could have build them and still shipped them in a smaller box!