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MAIL DAY! AEW Unrivaled Series 2

All things considered, with some of the emails & news surrounding this series’ release I didn’t think I would see these this quickly. I was pretty fired up when the tracking email came through, and I saw them projected to land here this week.

I already had some protectors ready for them when they arrive, as I ordered a few extras on my annual bonus ringside order. I wish they had been available at the time of shipping, but thankfully they seem to have been packed well and arrived in good condition.

Like all of the AEW figures, I’ll be keeping these in box. I’ll grab a few from the series to display loose, but the main goal with Unrivaled is to keep 100% on the base series MOC. I’m hoping there’s a wait for series 3 to go up for two reasons: 1) so they can sort out their issues with stock/production/shipping first and 2) so it can be after the holidays when I may not need that money I would use to lock them in.

Here’s a few pictures of the figures:

The standout for me in Pentagon Jr. This is a figure I’ve wanted since the Lucha Underground days, so to finally have it is awesome. I hope that these go in stock again so I can order a second Pentagon figure to display loose.