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LETHALgames: Madden NFL 21! (& The New PS App)

It’s been a few years since I’ve actually bought Madden, and it wasn’t entirely in my plans for this year. Usually what I would do, just to get the Madden itch out of my system was sign up for a month of EA Play for $5 around March, play it for two weeks, then close down my subscription. Also, I told myself I was scaling back on games right now as there’s no point investing in this gen when I plan to grab a PS5 as early as possible in 2021.

Then I updated the PlayStation app and looked at the store. Takeaway number one: the new app rules all kinds of ass. It looks a million times better, and the digital store is so much easier to navigate. 

Takeaway number two: This isn’t exclusive to the app, as I came to see they had the category when accessing on console as well, but they have a whole section in the Black Friday sale for games that give you a free upgrade to the PS5 version of the game.

I’m still not going to buy a ton of games right now, but this is a game changer. There’s no point in investing in the current gen, but if I can get a few games to enjoy now that also boost my library on next gen? No brainer. Getting 52% off also helps. My only beef with the new app/store layout is that it seemed unable to process my payment. I had to load up the console in order to complete the process.
Anyways! The game!

I play Madden for 2 things. Franchise with A LITTLE BIT of Ultimate Team sprinkled in.

My first piece business is starting up a Franchise mode with the Bears. We gotta get that bum Nick Foles out of town, and get some more targets for Mitchell “TOP GUN” Trubisky. I’m going to reshape this team and take the Bears to the TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN!
Last time I played Ultimate Team on Madden, I didn’t love it. I really enjoy the card based modes in sports games where you build up a squad.. but managing a mode like that where you need to put together every single piece of a defence and offensive line is a lot. Maybe I won’t mind it as much this time around, but I can’t see myself getting too invested.

Im pretty excited to get in on some Madden. I’ve hit the wall on MLB The Show 20 and I feel like this may be the game to keep me busy until I get my hands on a PS5. So far in 1-1 in franchise, but the second game it really started to click and I DESTROYED Danny Dimes and the New York Giants.