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Lets Pull Some Cards! WWE Topps Chrome 2020

Changing it up a bit! The wife did her usual check of the card aisle (I have a keeper) and when she showed me that they had Topps Gallery 2020 (MLB) blasters, I noticed that they had some WWE Chrome in the background. I’m usually not a big fan of all chrome sets, but the cards in this set look really cool. A few friends have bought some blasters and got some cool coloured variants, so I figured why not!? WWE is one of those products where I’m pretty happy with everything, and even though I have my favourites I don’t look to collect anyone specific.

Base Cards:

Variants (Rainbow Silver & X-Fractor Parallels):


Mustafa Ali Image Variant - Landscape (w/ Regulars):

Pretty cool looking cards! Nothing of value (I think I hit a variant of Mustafa Ali but I doubt it’s worth too much), but a few names that I was surprised to see like Karl Anderson. I wonder when they need to lock these all in, and how things work with releases talent. Obviously the releases in April didn’t have any impact on this product that hit shelves in the fall months. I think the fantasy matchup cards are kind of corny, but if I was going to get one I’m glad it was Roman vs Rock. That’s at least a match people have talked about unlike some of the nonsense in there (such as Batista vs The Ultimate Warrior). 

All around a fun set, I think the chrome works REALLY well for WWE, and that’s coming from someone who normally hates chrome sets. I won’t but another box, but I may try and slide in on a few breaks for cheap for Ricochet, Roderick Strong, Shinsuke Nakamura, or WALTER. I hope this is a sign that WWE products are easier to come by here, as traditionally I haven’t seen too many blasters around here.