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Follow Up: “AEW Unrivaled: What’s The Deal?”

I thought with some news today I would post a follow up on something from a few days ago.

What’s the deal with AEW Unrivaled? Jazwares are a bunch of incompetent idiots, that’s the deal. This company needs to get their sh*t together on the production / logistics side of things in a serious way. I didn’t think it could be possible, but without even announcing a release date series 2 is set to be even worse than series 1. 

I received the following email today from Ringside Collectables:

I didn’t lock in a pre-order day one, it was like a week or so after they went live. I assume that puts me in the “next few months” category. NEXT FEW MONTHS! This is insanely annoying. I also have another order containing a lone Rey Fenix figure that I ordered WELL after they went live, so for me to get that order split and get the other two items (E80 Kevin Owens / RSC WALTER) at a reasonable time I need to pay additional shipping. 

It’s only $8, so whatever, I don’t care - $8 is nothing. What annoys me is that I have to go through all this hassle cause a company can’t meet the projections they set for THEIR product’s availability. If the first series went well, maybe I would chalk it up to bad circumstances... but everything points to them completely dropping the ball. It’s also annoying that their key guy (Jeremy Padawer) can’t seem to provide people with any reasonable updates, but has all the time in the world to talk up Pokemon cards, and ask people to post links to $100 eBay items so he can choose “one lucky winner” and buy it for them. Instead? He puts the burden on RSC to deliver this news about the major delays. Not a word out of him or Jazwares, though.

At this point I have little to no optimism that the line gets better with this stuff. It’s getting to a point that the figures are feeling like they aren’t worth the hassle of dealing with the poor planning from Jazware’s side. I hope another company (who can make decent looking figures) gets the AEW license once their deal with Jazwares is up, cause brother, this STINKS.