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eBay - Box Breaks - Topps 2020 Update - Philadelphia Phillies

After a complete bust on a blaster (in regards to Phillies cards, anyways) for Topps 2020 Update, it was time to hit a break. I knew niks-naks was doing a few breaks on the product, and he’s a breaker who’s won me over with the quality of his videos/shipping & handling so I hit up one he had happening last night.

- B R E A K   D E T A I L S - 
Topps 2020 Update
Break Size:
3 Jumbo Boxes

Phillies cards pulled:
  • Rhys Hoskins Patch Card
  • Josh Harrison (x6)
  • Deivy Grullon [RC] (x6)
  • Logan Forsythe 20:21 (x4)
  • Rockin’ Philly (Bryce Harper & Jean Segura) (x6)
  • Ryan Howard (2006 Home Run Derby) (x4)
  • Neil Walker (x5)
  • Zack Wheeer (x6)
  • Bryce Harper (Insert - 1985 Style)
  • Steve Carlton (Insert - Decade’s Best)
  • Alex Bohm (Insert - #1 Prospect)
  • Rhys Hoskins (Chrome 1985 Style)
  • Philadelphia Phillies (Insert - Decade’s Best)

Not a bad break, but I’m sitting on enough dupes to build the Phillies a new stadium. Maybe I’ll find something creative to do with all my dupes from various sets! 12 unique cards and 38 total. I may have even missed some cards, too since the break had to move relatively quick due to the high number of cards to get through.