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Ringside Collectibles Order - 09-05-2020 - A Mix Of Loose And MOC Additions

It has been a bit since a hefty Ringside order, so I pulled the trigger on some additions to both the MOC and loose collections

Purchases for MOC collection:
  • Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt WWE Elite Ringside Exclusive
  • Protectors for AEW Unrivalled series 1 + 2 (x12)
Purchases for loose collection:
  • Ricochet - WWE Elite 80
  • Kyle O'Reilly (Camo Trunks) - WWE Elite 80
  • Bayley - WWE Elite 80
  • Kenny Omega - AEW Unrivaled 1
Purchases that I’m not sure if I’ll keep MOC or open up:
  • The Brian Kendrick - WWE Elite Ringside Exclusive


I don’t even have this in hand yet, and I’m already super bummed. This figure sucks on all accounts. If you open the figure, the elite actually looks WORSE than the basic, and if you collect MOC, you can’t even see the figure! This is one that will likely just go in a box and be sold for a profit down the road if it builds value once being unlisted on Ringside.

I expected these to come, but I’m glad they’re finally here. As someone who plans (unless releases get too frequent and out of hand) to keep 100% on this series MOC, having protectors is key. I already have series 1, and series 2 was locked in before these were live so I ordered 12 to cover those figures.


I don’t have a Ricochet figure so I’m pretty excited to add this one. I would prefer to add the first one they made, I like the scan on this one a bit more and having the option to do the hood up or down (like on some previous AJ figures) on the vest is pretty cool. Not much to say about this one other than it was merely just to get a Ricochet in my collection. I likely won’t grab another until they release one of his newer look in Trunks, hopefully the camo ones.

This has been high on my wanted list since they dropped the Roderick Strong figure in Elite 72. KOR will complete the tag since I have Bobby Fish from Elite 79 that I just received recently. White Camo was 1000% the best attire for Undisputed Era, and with this release we’re 3/4 of the way to getting the whole crew in this attire. I will personally right Bill & the entire Mattel staff if they skip this attire for Adam Cole. I anticipate seeing him in series 83-85.

Admittedly, I don’t really collect much in the way of women’s figures. That being said, I HAD to grab this Bayley after his good he last year has been. Since her heel turn she’s been the saving grace of the SmackDown brand, and WWE as a whole to get them through the pandemic/no fan era so far. I may even grab the new Sasha whenever it happens to release.

Of the AEW figures I only have ONE (Bubbly Jericho) that’s opened and let me say - the articulation on these things kicks ass. They never hit retail here and I wanted to pick up Kenny & Cody if I saw them. Kenny was the only one left on RAC so I figured I would toss him on this order. I’ll still grab Cody at retail if I see him, but this will make a nice addition to the display case.

Will I keep it MOC? Will I open?:

I like Brian Kendrick, and I think it stinks that a good amount of his work is going unnoticed on 205 Live, but this figure has been on my list for a bit. With this being down to $14.99, I felt like now was the time. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this one. I REALLY like the box and generally keep RSC exclusives MOC, but I also want to open it and pose him with the flag (which is a really cool accessory). We’ll see how I feel when the package shows up, but I’m leaning toward keeping it MOC for now.

The Kenny figure was on a hefty back order, so the order isn’t slated to ship until early November. I’ll post on here when it arrives!