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Ringside Collectibles Order - 09-02-2020 - An Order For The Loose Collection!

For a change of pace from all the card orders I’m going to post some of my backlog of RSC orders. Early September I decided to pull the trigger on a small little order, and I grabbed the following figures:

  • Rey Fenix - AEW Unrivaled 2
  • WALTER - WWE Elite Ringside Exclusive
  • Kevin Owens - WWE Elite 80

I picked up a second Fenix (I pre-ordered the full second series in a separate order to keep MOC) cause I NEEDED to have him an Pentagon Jr on my loose figure shelf. Their figures are too damn good not to have on there. The problem now is I was too slow on getting their dupes, so by the time I ordered Fenix, Pentagon was no longer available. I’m holding our hope Jazzwares allocates more product to RSC for series two, and we see them go back up so I can grab a Pentagon as well.

I don’t have too much to say about this figure outside of the fact it was an exclusive that sparked my interest at the time it was announced. The figure is pretty bland, which means they captured WALTER’s appearance perfectly. I believe this is only the third figure to contain the WWE UK title (I was hoping it would be the NXT UK when I first heard it was announced) but the title isn’t much of a selling point as I already have it from the Elite 75 Pete Dunne.

HOW GOOD is this Owens figure!?!! As always, I’ll wait until I have a figure in hand as you can’t always trust early photos (ex: difference between protos and final product in AEW Unrivalled series 1) but this MAY just end up being my figure of the year. They captured Owens perfectly from a run he was white hot with the fans (the follow up is a different story) and I’m so stoked we’re getting this figure. I believe this figure is capturing the ladder match vs Shane McMahon from an episode where Owens won his job back. An absolute top of the line figure.

All of these are the time of ordering we’re pre-orders, but it looks like it will ship out early November as that when they last item (WALTER) was set to come in stock. I’ll be posting some detailed pictures and reviews when I get them, as these are all for the loose shelf/collection.