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MAIL DAY! Grand Theft Auto IV / Card Protectors (For Mosaic Pulls)

Today was a nice little mail day with a couple things showing up. 

The main item was Grand Theft Auto IV for the PlayStation 3. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me post a poll recently asking what the best Grand Theft Auto game was. The intent of this poll was that I would start whichever one won, but it sparked some conversations and through that I found myself wanting to play IV. So yeah.. San Andreas (or “San Andrea” as I typed) won the poll BUT WE’RE ROLLING WITH IV! I had it when I was younger and never actually finished it, so that’s the goal now.

Also in the mail today was a few top loaders. I realized when opening up my Panini Mosaic blaster that I was short on supplies. I only had 1 protector, but needed a few more for the other rookies I pulled. I grabbed a 10 bundle on eBay, but I’m going to need to hit the card shop and do a sizeable supplies order here soon.