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Friend Of The Site:

I don't know how often I’ll do these, or if they'll even be a regular thing, but I want to call out the people who are working on some fun content out there. The first entry (as the idea came from their site) has to be my good friend Dave, who is on twitter at @S_ATL_Wrestling, and running his own site at

If it wasn't for Dave this blog probably isn't a thing. From getting the blog itself set up and how I want it, to getting the domain registered, to helpful tips we send back and forth, he's been huge in helping me with the blog. 

I've followed Dave on twitter for a couple years, and always give his stuff a read when he posts a link back to his site. It's a great range of content - anything from wresting, to sharing people's art, to fast food reviews, to anything in between. His son also does some action figure reviews, which he puts up on the site. 

Here are a few recent posts I've liked:

Check him out, and give him a follow on twitter as he often will post once something goes up on the site. Also, even if you're not into the site follow him on twitter if you're into wrestling. He posts some quality stuff.