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eBay - Box Breaks - Topps Gallery 2020 - Philadelphia Phillies


I honestly though I had missed out on Gallery, and that it dropped in March or April when I had a lot going on in my life. Thankfully I was wrong, and it's just starting to surface now. This break was 3 monster boxes - so 300 cards total, and each box on average has at least 2 autos.. to me that should add up to around 10ish cards total with roughly a 20% chance at hitting an autograph. Considering I'd be happy with a ton of base cards from this, it seems like good odds I come away pretty happy when the break is all said and done. I’ve gambled on worse odds, that’s for sure!

- B R E A K   D E T A I L S - 
Series: Topps Gallery 2020
Break Size: 
(3) 2020 Topps Gallery Monster Boxes (100 cards each)
YouTube video of break: 

What did I score in the break?
  • Base - Bryce Harper (x2)
  • Base - Rhys Hoskins (x3)
  • Base - Andrew McCutchen
  • Base - Adam Haseley (x2)
  • Base (Rainbow Foil) - JT Realmuto
  • Base (Rainbow Foil) - Rhys Hoskins

All around a bust, but I’m fine with that - I knew what I was getting into with this break. I was spot on in my prediction of roughly 10 cards, as I hit 10 total. I didn’t sneak a look at what the card art for this series so these were all brand new to me. I REALLY like the McCutchen and Realmuto card art. Hitting a couple rainbow foils was nice, but the big hope was obviously an autograph or one of the oversized top loaders. I’ll be grabbing a blaster of Gallery if I come across one for sure, I love this series and would hate to limit myself to just the Phillies - his nice is that Luis Robert card? Topps always crushes it with Gallery, that’s why it’s my series of the year.