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eBay - Box Breaks - Topps Allen & Ginter 2020 - Philadelphia Phillies

Guess who go bored last night when browsing around on eBay and decided to get in on another break? That’s right, your boy is back at it - diving right into the breaks! I got in on this one for under five American dollars, which if you ask me is DAMN NEAR FREE.

Allen & Ginter is a series I love, but as I’ve said in the past it’s not one that you’ll get a ton of hits and get rich off of. I’ve purchased two blasters and all I’ve pulled for Phillies players so far is a base Steve Carlton & a Ryan Howard Longball Lore insert so I’m hoping this is the solution to get a few more A&G Phillies cards in my collection. I guess the base Ryan Howard is a short print, so even if I just got that I would be happy!

- B R E A K   D E T A I L S - 
Series: Topps Allen & Ginter 2020
Break Size: 10 Retail Blasters
Seller: baltimorecolt
YouTube video of break:

Here’s what I came away with:
  • Base - Bryce Harper
  • Base - JT Realmuto (x2)
  • Insert- Bryce Harper (Longball Lore)
  • Base - Didi Gregorious
  • Base - Mike Schmidt
  • Insert - Ryan Howard (Longball Lore)
  • *Mini* Base - Ryan Howard
  • Base - Ryan Howard
  • Insert - JT Realmuto (Field Generals)

Through 10 boxes this guy didn’t have a ton of hits, all I saw was 2 jersey patch relics which is honestly still more than I expected. I dropped $4.99 to get the Phillies spot in this break, and came out with 10 cards total (with only one being a duplicate). Considering I also hit the card I wanted (base Ryan Howard, which is a short print & I got the mini too!), getting all those at basically $0.50 a card seems like a win to me. I doubt I would have been able to get them all at that price if I was buying single cards. This is probably the end of the line for me with Allen & Ginter 2020, unless I grab the single cards I’m missing from the Phillies (Hoskins, Nola, Segura & Wheeler) and/or the Bo Bichette base card - but no more breaks or blasters for me. I’ll definitely be jumping back into this series in 2021, though!