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COMC Order - 10-07-2020

Recently I ramped up on my card collecting hobby and decided to scope out some autograph cards that would be fun additions to the collection. This lead me to COMC, which I’ve never used before. 

Cards purchased:
  • Andre Dawson - 2010 Topps Tribute - Relic Autographs - Gold (22/25)
  • Nelson Cruz - 2013 Topps Tier One - Crowd-Pleaser Autographs (97/99)

As I am generally cheap (I’m not paying $50 USD+ for shipping and processing), in Canada, and COMC seemingly has a convoluted processing system with it’s sellers - I won’t see these until December. It stinks, but I’m fine waiting, I may have even forgotten about these by then with the madness of Christmas & get a surprise when I check the mail.

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